Best Nine of 2018

Best Nine of 2018


An eye catching photo and short caption on Social Media don't always explain the stories behind the posts you see. Read on to find out a little bit more about our most popular posts of 2018.



Starting with this post from August which didn't feature even a single balloon! Not quite what I expected, though I'm happy to find this is one of our most popular posts. Let me explain...


First there are the spectacular bubbles unlike anything I have ever seen before! 


Also this post was from a summer day with my favourite little people in the world.  Seeing them running after the bubbles, getting covered in the mixture, then attempting to recreate some huge bubbles of their own is among one of our best memories from last summer.


Organic "love" demi arch

Being fortunate enough to attend a course by the fabulous Stuart Davies of Beyond Balloons and Matt Lewis of Matthew Lewis Displays was an amazing opportunity to improve my skills. The design we all helped to create on the day was stunning!


Honing skills, keeping up with new trends and practicing new designs is vital to provide the best quality and is something I am committed to!



Organised by her school this is a message by my daughter from a previous Mother's Day, I rediscovered this several hours into some home de-cluttering. You know the point where everything is a mess and you are wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea?! A lovely reminder and it certainly gave me a boost to help finish the de-cluttering.


Organic unicorn balloon frame

So much loveliness in this design (the first following the organic course described above). This was created as a surprise for a unicorn mad little girl's birthday.  The girl was amazed with the balloons and super excited to show them off to friends and family at her birthday party. That is the reaction we aim for in all our designs!


Ruby wedding anniversary bubble

This was another surprise balloon for a couple's 40th wedding anniversary. Red heart confetti was the perfect filling for this personalised balloon. The couple chose to celebrate with lots of family members at a restaurant and I hope they enjoyed making fabulous memories of their celebration.


Giant balloons

I was not surprised to find this post among our most popular. The request for these balloons was something glamorous, and I think our giant balloons with gold tassels fit that completely!


Happy dance

This post was actually a repost from Mum's Guide to Romford (*.  I do not repost very often but had to as this post sums up owning a small business so well. Every purchase is genuinely appreciated so much! There is a lot of competition out there and we always do our best to give you the best balloons and experience. Having planned birthday parties, weddings and baby showers for my own family and friends I understand how important and unique every celebration is.



Two photos actually tied for 8th place but they both had a common theme - unicorns! This was a much requested theme for us last year for many excited girls, and works well for so many celebrations.


This particular request was for a pink and gold theme. I hope this, like all of our unicorn designs, bought lots of happiness and a little bit of magic to the birthday girl and her party.


New website

Combining the two 8th place posts meant this one was able to sneak into the top nine. Starting up in February and working hard to build this business meant that creating the website was a personal milestone for me. It is something I had no experience of and needless to say it was not a simple task!


So now you know a little bit more about our posts, which is your favourite?  Let us know below.


A huge thank you to everyone who has support Balloon Base Essex in 2018 through ordering balloons, supporting our Social Media and of course reading this blog! I wait excitedly to see what 2019 with bring and look forward to playing a part in your upcoming birthdays, parties and celebrations.


Happy New Year!




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Claire is a trained Balloon Decorator and owner of Balloon Base Essex, providing balloons for all occasions.



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